Sunday, June 7, 2009

Red Wings in Six?

Can the Detroit Red Wings beat the Penguins in Pittsburgh? Here are some reasons to say 'yes' they can!

Everyone and their brothers, sisters and second cousins were surprised at how handily the Red Wings demolished the Penguins in game 5. After how bad Detroit played in Game 4, it was simply shocking to see what they did the next game. The fact is, the Red Wings looked tired and lost in game-4. In game-6, Detroit will have a much needed three day rest. The older players whose legs were beginning to feel like they were made of silly puddy should have an extra step after having three days between games for the first time in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Another reason the Red Wings looked so much better in game-5 over game-4 was the return of arguably the best player in the NHL, Pavel Datsyuk. Datsyuk had two assists in the lopsided win and his puck handling along with his composure showed up well. Do not kid yourself, the rest of the Red Wings had a boost of confidence with his return as well. When a team is down and their best player returns to the line-up, it can be like an adrenalin shot to the other players.

The Detroit Red Wings will be a different team than the one who faced the Penguins in game-4. I would not expect Detroit to roll over as they did in the last game in Pittsburgh and I am expecting the Red Wings to come away with the Stanley Cup. Nicklas Lidstrom will be the first to hold up the Cup but the best moment will be when he turns and hands the Stanley Cup to Hossa. Seeing Marian Hossa lift the Cup in front of the Pittsburgh fans who so emphatically booed him, will be a great moment.

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