Thursday, June 11, 2009

Red Wings will Win Game-7

The Detroit Red Wings are optimistic. They need to be and have good reason to be.

So far in the first six games of the Stanley Cup Finals, the home team has won every game. Game seven will be played in Detroit. Point... Detroit.

In the first two games in Pittsburgh, without Datsyuk, the Red Wings did not play well at all and lost decisively. In game-6, with Datsyuk, Detroit still lost, but they played far better and controlled the game in the third period. In the first two games in Detroit, the Red Wings did not play well and only squeezed out the wins. In game five in Detroit, the first with Datsyuk back in the line-up, Detroit played very well, dominating the Penguins in a 5-0 route. Game seven is in Detroit AND Datsyuk is again in the line-up. ... Point... Detroit.

With another three day rest, the Red Wings veterans will have fresher legs. Being in front of the home fans will give them a boost in energy. Point... Detroit.

Game seven, being in Detroit... Babcock will have the advantage of making the last line changes. Allowing him to place who he wants on Crosby and Malkin. .... Point .... Detroit.

Throughout the Finals, the NHL has promoted Pittsburgh to no end. The stations have put microphones on Crosby and other Pittsburgh players whether the game was in Pittsburgh or in Detroit. The refs have for the most part put the whistles away, however, they seem to come out on ticky-tack plays in crucial times to hurt the Red Wings. In game-6 in Pittsburgh, a penalty was called on Zetterberg for goaltender interference. The replay showed he would have skated by Fleury without ever coming close to touching him, but a Pittsburgh player hit him, and shoved him into the goalie. Yet the call was a penalty on Detroit. In another game in Pittsburgh, the whistles were swallowed for most of the game on what should have been blatant penalties on both teams. Then in the third period, the Red Wings were called for interference on a questionable call. I still do not have any idea how three different refs missed the fact that Pittsburgh had six men on the ice for 21 seconds and never got a penalty. In a single game you will hear Crosby's name mentioned as often as Datsyuk, Zetterberg and Lidstrom's together. It is obvious to me that the NHL would love to see their poster child, Crosby get the Cup. Point.... Pittsburgh.

The Detroit Red Wings have been here many times. They have won the Stanley cup far more than Pittsburgh has and they are the defending Champions. Throughout the Finals it has been obvious that Detroit does not lose their composure when they fall behind near as much as the Penguins do. Detroit takes far less stupid penalties due to a lack of composure. If Detroit falls down a goal, they will play harder to get one back. If Pittsburgh falls down a goal, they begin to lose their tempers and will take stupid penalties. Point.... Detroit.

In three games in Pittsburgh, the Penguins won by a total of 10 goals to Detroit's five. In three games in Detroit, the Red Wings have out scored Pittsburgh 11-2. Pittsburgh has scored a total of 2 goals in Detroit. One of those was knocked in by a Detroit player. So one could almost say the Penguins have only scored one goal in three games in Detroit. Fleury on the other hand has not given up fewer than 3 goals in a game in Detroit. They will score one more as the Red Wings beat the Penguins 4-1.

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